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Job Announcement




 The Tehama County Mosquito and Vector Control District is accepting applications from qualified individuals seeking a career in the mosquito and vector control field.  These positions are intended to lead to the individual becoming a California State Certified Mosquito Control Technician and Mosquito Control Technician with the District. 

Approximate date of hire is June 1, 2021.


 The position of Mosquito Control Technician involves surveillance and control of mosquitoes on private and public lands within the District, with extended hours being worked in the mosquito season, which is compensated through time and one half-compensation time.  Field work includes: inspecting aquatic sites such as ponds, ditches, flooded fields and wetlands to determine mosquito incidence; mixing, loading and applying pesticides; operating pesticide application equipment such as power sprayers, compressed hand sprayers, granule spreaders and ULV units; operating 4-wheel vehicles on various types of terrain and road conditions; seining and planting mosquito fish; participating in community education programs; performing daily record keeping and shop work.


A high school diploma is required and/or qualifying education and experience.  Work experience involving contact with the community and manual labor with the use of machinery performing skilled or semi-skilled operations.  Demonstrated ability to work independently and follow instructions.

Must be able to read and write capably in Standard English language and be able to effectively communicate with the general public in Standard English.  Must be able to effectively apply common functions of addition, fractions, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Must be willing and able to perform physical labor, including working in wet environments; extreme dust conditions; excessive noise levels; outside weather conditions such as sun, rain, cold and heat.

Must have and maintain throughout employment a valid California drivers’ license; maintain vehicle insurability as established by the Vector Control Joint Powers Agency; posses proof of employment eligibility in the United States of America.  The successful candidate will be required to pass a medical examination and drug test that will be paid for by the District.

Contact District for more information and application

Tehama County Mosquito and Vector Control District office 11861 Highway 99W, PO Box 1005,

Red Bluff, CA, 96080.  (530) 527-1676  Fax (530) 527-3353 email